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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hush little girl...

Hush little girl...

What’s all of this fuss about? Why are you so noisy?
Always moving on and about getting into things,
stirring things up,
just stop for a minute and listen,
sit down and act like a lady,

Now hush...what’s all of this you’re going on about?
What about your dreams?
What about your goals?

Just hush and wait, have a sit, sit still and keep quiet,
there you are,
sit still and wait your turn,
you know they say that good things come to those who

keep quiet,
don’t go drawing attention to yourself.
Don’t go making a scene,
keep quiet, behave yourself.

Hush... go on now, sit and wait...where are you going?

Oh fine, alright then,
go out and make your way,
speak your mind,
live your life...

Opening Spoken Word Reading for "Smart A** B****, Open Your Mouth, Fill In Your Own Blanks and Become The Woman You Want To Be", by Trumillia Lunnie-Thomas, BA, MA

Available for purchase March, 2012
bbpco., an indie publishinghouse

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