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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Taking Away The Tools!

I read a very interesting story today, I searched everywhere to determine who the author was but could not, so for the sake of this entry on my blog, we will say –Anonymous wrote it. Lately I’ve been struggling a lot with this issue and it seemed a fitting entry for today’s blog.
A story is told about Satan having a yard sale way down deep in Egypt. He spread out all of his favorite tools on the tables and placed price tags on each of them. One buyer purchased a sparkling well kept tool labeled “anger” for a reasonable price. Another buyer purchased a slightly worn tool labeled “jealousy” for a little more. All day long people came and went, then, near the end of the day; a man saw an old tool lying on the table in the back. The tool was rusted and worn, the hinges of the tool squeaked and the handle was chipped and broken. The man picked up the tool, eying the price tag, this tool was more expensive than all of the rest! Even the tool labeled “lust” had been priced much lower than this beat up old tool.
“Why is this tool so expensive?” the prospective buyer asked Satan. “Ahhh,” Satan said. “That tool is the most effective and most used tool that I have. I hate to part with it. Most Christians can weather and withstand nearly all of the other weapons I have used against them; many can eventually recover from greed and envy, even lust. But don’t be fooled, this tool works quietly without the Christian even being aware that I am using it. I can slip this tool in and use it to keep a Christian defeated for a lifetime. That rusty old worn tool is “discouragement”. I remind them of their sins and how many times and how badly they have failed before in the past and how weak they are. And they never know that I am using it.”
We must not allow Satan to continue to use this tool. We must press on, take the enemy’s tools away, tell him that we are forgiven and Christ is our strength when we are weak. Tell him that we are Children of the Almighty God!
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