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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Serious Goings On With Mid Life Divas

Good morning Mid Life Divas!  I've been thinking all week about how I wanted to write to you about the upcoming changes for the Musings Blog.  I thought about writing something deep and prolific, but then I realized, I wanted to build lasting relationships with other MLDs.  Can hardly do that if you know nothing about me, right? So, I thought it might be fun to share some info about me and I hope that you will share back some things about you. I know that I am looking forward to many more conversations as we make this crazy, fantastic and sometimes just plain strange journey through mid life. 

I am mother to the Teenage Wonder also known as Son, daughter to a phenomenal woman, sister to three lifelong divas and two totally cool brothers. I have a "council" of many friends to whom I refer to as my family - family is who you choose to graft into your life, not only with whom you share a genetic bond. 

I am the eldest of six and I never let them forget it! I am "rhythmically challenged", meaning I could not dance my way of out a paper bag and I seem to be allergic to just about everything anymore!  My list could go on and on.

I write a column, Musings of a Mid Life Diva, which I am hoping to syndicate in the near future and am currently working on the book "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Mid Life", based on conversations from the blog and the column, with future plans of producing a docudrama about the lives of Mid Life Divas in America.

I am discovering that becoming a Mid Life Diva is not some ethnic thing, it's a woman thing. A woman totally in charge of herself and not afraid to live out loud. Black, white, yellow, brown, we owe it to ourselves and those we love to be and expect the best that we can be. This column and blog is something totally different, something fun. Come out and play with us! We are going to shake our tail feathers. Maybe we will act up and act out, but most of all, we will be free to be and to become the Divas that we were born to be. And we are going to talk about it, laugh about it, we may even cry about it.

Write in and tell the rest of us how you do it, make yourself heard. Maybe you have something for the rest of us.

We're Mid Life Divas, we can do what we want. And I want your stories about how you're doing it. Have a story about your journey over and through this strange new terrain? Share it with us! Join the fray!

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